Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan mind+body Basic Exercises, Level 1

Awareness and body mechanics workshop for martial artists, movers and sportsmen

In this five hours workshop we will learn fundamental Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan viewpoint and movements. We will cover first ten basic solo exercises that represent content for Student level 1 including meditation, mechanism of the body, three dimensions, and breathing exercises.

What: Practical workshop on the first 10 basic exercises (out of 15) for unifying oneself, mentally and physically, based on Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan methodology.

When: Saturday, 7th July 2018, 11:00 - 17:00

Where: Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Duration: 5 effective hours plus 1 hour lunch break

Price: 40 eur regular / 30 eur for Taiji-Voda or ZXD/ILC members

Language: English

Registration: mladen@taiji-voda.com or +386 41 781 206 till Friday, 6th July 2018

Payment: At the workshop

Credits: Attending the workshop, participant gets 5 credit points for official Student Level 1 grading eligibility (50 points needed).

»It's not about the particular style or technique but just to recognize natural principles common to all human beings.« Grandmaster Sam FS Chin, gate keeper and lineage holder of Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan


About the art

Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan is known as the Martial Art of Awareness. It is based on feel and neutral mindset. During all movements and exercises the skill that we are training is to listen to our senses. We recognize how the mechanism of the body feels so we can feel what movement is natural. To develop listening power we must drop habits, judgments, and thinking.

Basic exercises allow us to develop mindfulness and natural movement of the body. Later we incorporate this into appropriate action on the point of contact with the opponent.


Program of the workshop

-       Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan approach to training

-       Mindfulness, awareness, four stages of relaxation

-       Yin-yang muscles, 13 structure points

-       Basic solo exercises 1-10 (Unifying the mental and physical)

                        I.     Rocking

                       II.     Absorb and project

                     III.     Horizontal plane

                     IV.     Frontal plane

                      V.     Sagittal plane

                     VI.     Three dimensional movement

                   VII.     Condense and expand

                  VIII.     Macrocosmic energy flow

                     IX.     Condensed breathing

                       X.     Nort-East-South-West

-       Corrections, Q&A, martial application demonstration.


About the instructor

Mladen Dakić is a disciple of Grandmaster Sam FS Chin. He is Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan instructor level 1 and student level 3. For the last 20-years, he has beed practicing and researching various selfhealing and selfdefence systems, including meditation, qigong, boxing, Yang taijiquan, and Chen taijiquan. He traveled worldwide to train with masters and teachers, including China, Russia, UK, and Germany.


Mladen started following Sam Chin seven years ago after attending his seminar in Vienna as he recognized the missing piece in his training – neutral point. He has learned from best ZXD/ILC instructors, including Alex Skalozub and Daria Sergeeva from Russia, Hsin Chin and Ashe Higgs from the USA. Besides Zhong Xin Dao, today Mladen is specialized in functional qigong and low back disorders. He is a professional movement teacher and a head of Taiji-Voda school for movement, breath and awareness in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Registration and information

By email mladen@taiji-voda.com or mobile phone: +386 41 781 206 (also WhatsApp, Viber).



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